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    Shri Annai Aarathi Plates
    We are doing the Best rented Marriage Decorative
    works for Aarathi Plates, Radhe Krishna & Rangolis.
    Shri Annai Aarathi Plates
    Best Wedding Aarathi Plates
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    Shri Annai Aarathi Plates
    Buy Decorated Wedding Aarathi plates from us
    Best Designed Plates at Affordable Price.
    Get Wedding Aarathi Plates from ₹199
    We done Fruits Packing for Reception
    Unique Rangaoli Designs from ₹1000
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    Wedding Aarathi Plates.
    Decorated Plates
    Wedding Thali Design Decorated Plates for Wedding
    Shri Annai Aarathi Plates
    Conceptual Decorated Plates and Design with Rangoli

Why we are the best?

We Started Earlier in the location of Pondicherry, Later we are doing now over Tamilnadu, Our imaginative team helps you in planning plate decoration easily with years of experience and out of box approach. Wedding plate decoration needs appropriate preparation in order to look exceptionally well. Our experts analyze various factors like customers budget, their ideas, and aarathi plates ritual themes.

We use marvelous items for Aarathi plates decoration like silky fabric, flowers, artificial exclusive crafts and a lot more which provides a classy and elegant look to aarathi plates and to your auspicious rituals.We plan to serve our customers amply with advanced planning to engage customer needs and expectations royally. Thus we create unquestionably unique designs each time with a proper understanding of the culture and timely preparations.

Shri Annai Aarathi Plates
Ragha Shangamam
Shri Annai Aarathi Plates
Shri Annai Aarathi Plates

Aarathi Plates

Numerous rituals are carried out in various ceremonies like family functions, engagement, marriage, baby showers and a lot more which require lots of arrangements and aarathi plates for rent.Our decorative aarathi plates can be used to fulfill your unforgettable moments. Eye charming aarathi plates are used to welcome all special persons and guests who bring more happiness to your special occasion. We create attractive, durable, beautiful, and eye-catching aarathi plates in different sizes exclusive for your requirements.

Specially designed aarathi plates have become an essential part of all rituals which not only signifies our Indian culture but also respects the heritage associated with it.Our special services help you find most beautiful aarathi plates in Chennai and you can get your personalized aarathi plates with the best affordability and spirit.

Arathi plates


Shri Annai Aarathi Plates
Importance of Aarathi Plates

Traditional Weddings give a lot of importance and involvement for the Aarathi ceremony.

Shri Annai Aarathi Plates
Purpose of Aarathi Plates

The Process of Aarathi is mainly for the worship where a small fire is made from camphor and placed on plates for the Traditional purpose.

Shri Annai Aarathi Plates
Purpose of Rangoli's

The Main Purpose of Rangoli is that, it is placed in the entrance of the Reception hall, that invites the Relatives and Friends with a warm welcome.

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Shri Annai Aarathi Plates

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