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Aarathi is a sacred Hindu ritual and is performed during a wedding mainly to remove the negative vibes sent by other people on seeing the bride.

Importance of Aarathi Plates:

Traditional Weddings give a lot of importance and involvement for the Aarathi ceremony.

*SHRI ANNAI AARATHI PLATES* have been started earlier in the year of 2013.

Customers No Need to worry for the number of Plates that should be kept for their Corresponding Function’s, because *SHRI ANNAI AARATHI PLATES* are Prepared for all sorts of Traditional Worships.

Purpose of Aarathi Plates:

The Process of Aarathi is mainly for the worship where a small fire is made from camphor and placed on plates for the Traditional purpose.

Purpose of Rangoli's:

The Main Purpose of Rangoli is that, it is placed in the entrance of the Reception hall, that invites the Relatives and Friends with a warm welcome. And also during the function it is one of the most important Decoration which is made of kinds of flowers and sets.